I dreamed that I was in a mall this morning. My two early adult children were there, and some of the time my ex was there. There was a young woman, too. Her age isn't clear, perhaps a little older than my son and daughter, in her twenties. She was quite beautiful and nice.

I turned around and she was gone. "Where did she go?" I asked. I was worrying about being responsible for her.

"She went to buy a camera." my daughter said. "She liked your photographs so she went to buy one." A very fancy one I learned, the newest and best. I was slightly envious, though I also thought that it is not always the newest and best piece of equipment that one needs. Sometimes what one needs is experience.

Then we were in a car. I was in the front passenger seat, however, I was driving. No wheel. I was able to drive with my mind, but it was very tiring and I had trouble on a curve. I let go of control gently. I realized that the young woman was in the driver's seat. "You drive." I said. I could nearly hear the IT and the EF in the back seat thinking "About time, mom, get a clue."

She started driving and I was fairly terrified, unreasonably. She was not a horrible driver, just not very experienced. And I woke up.

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