Three dreams with fours: Dream log: January 19, 2016 and Dream log: May 27, 2007 and The Key Dream.

Robert Johnson PhD has written about the number four in dreams and says that it is a number of completion.

The dream this week has two sets of four. The first is me, my newly adult children, and a young woman. She is then gone for a bit and my Ex is there instead. Then she is back in the car and my Ex is gone.

Who is this young woman? All the people or angels or zombies or enemies or monsters that we see in dreams are supposed to be aspects of ourselves. I see this dream as a continuation of the other two dreams. One interpretation is that the four of us represent the four Jungian aspects. One of the tasks of midlife is to develop the least developed aspect. The four are sensing, intuition, thinking and feeling. Feeling has always been the bugaboo, the bear, the monsters in May 27, 2007. Undeveloped infant monsters that I needed to take care of.

So the young woman represents feeling, and so does my Ex. I represent thinking. The IT is sensing and the EF is intuition. Or maybe I have them all wrong, but something along those lines....

In The Key Dream there are also four people: me, the brilliant but erratic heart surgeon, the patient on the table and a little girl. In that dream I decided that the brilliant but erratic surgeon was not going to run things. No heart transplants at garden parties, though we would finish that one and the patient would live, get well, thrive. Look at how separate the four aspects are and how injured.

And in this dream, feeling is not separate. Nor monsters kept howling and abandoned in a deep hole. Feeling is not a patient who needs a heart transplant and is lying unconscious on a table at a garden party and then has to rouse to get the surgeon to finish the task. Feeling has grown up: she is a young woman and she is driving, once thinking gets out of the way. She is not very experienced but she is whole.

My dream mentor says that there is not one interpretation of a dream: a dream is a song from the unconscious that we should stay in relation to and ask what it wishes us to learn. Most of my dreams have water, which is deemed to represent the unconscious. I think that there was one of the beautiful fountains in the mall. Also there was water in the city where we were driving. It was a city, busy, with traffic and hills, like San Francisco.

I wrote this in 2016 and then it was in drafts until now. I am reading the book a second time: Robert Johnson: Transformation

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