Barbie Dolls created by Mattel I believe (you can tell right there that this isn't meant to be purely factual), have been all sorts of occupations. From stewardess Barbie to Navy Seal Barbie I'm sure (even though women aren't allowed to be Navy Seals, I'm certain that they would find this to be not politically correct, so they would do it anyway).

So why isn't there a prostitute Barbie? Or a crack dealer Barbie? Never seen a stripper Barbie doll (though I'm sure that several strippers have been based on Barbie). Is there a proctologist Barbie? Or an Abandoned Teen Skipper?

Another example of the makers of Barbie dolls being unrealistic. If Barbie were real, chances are that after realizing what her body would get her, she would either become a porn star, an actress, a hooker, or maybe a model. Honestly, when you have a body designed to be perfect, you aren't going to waste your time overdeveloping your intellect and squandering your body... and if you do, you're an absolute moron anyway, because clearly you have something to give to the world, and it would be a shame to not give it.

I think that Barbie should be allowed to be whatever she wants to be (just like the kids who admire her). If she wants to be a hooker, that's super. It's her choice. She just needs to know the consequences, and then she can do whatever the hell she wants. She shouldn't be forced into prissy or admirable jobs just because they're good role models for the children - this, in most cases, just ends up with a depressed adult because they didn't get their dream house, their dream car, or their dream Ken.

The moral? Who are we to say what's right for our kids? We can only protect them so much.

And a special thanks to m_turner for clearing this up, and sorry for deleting the part in my writeup about Christians - I deleted it by accident without reading your node in a node cleanup, when I saw how irrelevant and biased it was! :)