"Just like Mom used to make" is a rather cliché saying, typically used in advertising, that compares something with the way it used to be made years ago. The general gist is that the item is almost as good as a hand-made version. A good example is apple pie. A lot of folks today take shortcuts by buying a completed pie, buying a frozen pie that they pop in the oven, or a pre-made crust filled with a tin can of gloop they dump in and shove in the oven for an hour.

Compare that with someone who would take all those apples you collected from the neighbor's yard (with their permission, of course!), hand-peel them, core them, slice them individually, then set them aside with some sugar, brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, real butter, flour, a dash of salt, and a few more spices helping them draw out the juices in a bowl.

Next, she'd get out the flour, sugar, salt, real butter (unsalted), and water, mix them together, and roll them out with a rolling pin. Then she'd pop it in a pie plate and trim the edges, letting you munch on the strings of dough left over. Then, she'd scoop the apple filling in, then either roll out a top layer or make strips and weave them. You got to lick the spoon and bowl.

After 40-50 minutes of baking in the oven, the house smelled like apple pie, which made your stomach rumble while you did your homework.

Now, after all of that attention to detail and making sure to use the best ingredients, does that compare to that sad Sara Lee pie, filled with BHT to preserve freshness and Yellow Dye #2, not to mention the crap you can't pronounce because it'd end up invoking the Gods of Doom, who would give you cancer of the tonsils if you dared speak their chemical names?

I didn't think so either.