I think there's been a total of five days that I have not checked into E2 since I joined up back in October of 2000. A couple of those days have been recent, as in last Saturday and off-and-on since then. I picked up a very nasty flu bug a mere 4 weeks since I got over the last one. When I flew out to San Diego to see my friends Yurei, Pheel and Kay, I picked up the west coast version of the flu virus to supplement my rocky mountain version. My voice is so shot I sound like Barry White (aka Chef on South Park for those of you too young to remember his singing days1). I can't swallow anything bigger than water molecules, which is doing wonders for my weight (lost 18lbs so far). Been running a constant battle with a fever, and it looks like I am gonna have to give in and seek medical attention, which I avoid like the plague. This latest flu has been in me for over 8 days now, and counting.

Ergo, if you're trying to get in touch with me, don't expect a speedy reply. I poke my head in here only long enough to see what's going on, or when I start a hacking cough episode (whichever comes first). /msg'ing chicken soup is always appreciated, btw :) Until I'm recovered, take care of yourselves and happy noding.

1Geez, I am sicker than I thought. Thanks Donfreenut for pointng out that Chef is Isaac Hayes, not Barry White.