Polish for "pear". Sounds like Gritchka, whose name inspired me to create this node. A small pear would be gruszeczka.

I use it as a name for my Polish girlfriend, instead of honey, darling, sweetheart or other corny names. It was my reaction to her calling me carrot, or marchewka (another Polish word). She calls me carrot, because I have no hips according to her; this fact also explains why she was a better ski-er than I was on our first time ever ski-trip in Slovakia in Januari 2001.

She got the idea from Mark Twain's "The Diaries of Adam and Eve". In this story, Eve writes about Adam: "It has no hips; it tapers like a carrot; when it stands, it spreads."

The reason why I call her pear should be obvious by now: My girlfriend does have hips.

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