When an emergency arises, most folks panic. One way to prevent this is to be prepared. Knowing what to do will help keep you focused on helping someone who is seriously injured.

Most folks just think that they dial Emergency Services (911 in the US) and help magically appears. When they are asked questions, they begin to panic; you can hear it everytime they play a 911 tape on the news.

This is what you should do if you need to call for Emergency Services:

  • Dial the emergency number (911 in most US areas).
  • Speak slowly, loudly and clearly.
  • They will ask your name and phone number. Be prepared to provide this information. Some cell phones cannot be tracked or triangulated, usually in rural areas. Providing your phone number prevents fake calls for help, and also allows them to call you back should you become disconnected.
  • They will ask for the location of the victim. Give as much detail as possible - address, names of crossroads, landmarks, and specific area of the location. 1313 Mockingbird Lane, in the basement on the left side as you come down the stairs.
  • They will ask what happened. State the nature of the emergency. Herman Munster fell through the floor into the basement coal bin again.
  • Tell them the number of persons who are injured and any special conditions. There are three alligators crawling down in the basement near the body.
  • They will ask the condition of the victim and any first aid you have provided. Herman's head is bleeding profusely, and I have placed a tourniquet on his neck. (Note: Never put a tourniquet on someone's neck!)
DO NOT HANG UP! They will tell you if you are going to be disconnected. They may need additional information, or your assistance if the emergency personnel cannot find your location. The operator may also have suggestions for assisting the victim. Treat Herman for shock by raising his legs and covering him with a blanket.

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