I was twelve years old and back in summer camp. I hated everyone there, and they hated me, except for one other girl. She was prettier and more experienced than anyone else, and was therefore an outcast, because nobody understood the things she liked to do. She knew everyone that I know now, and we stayed up together long after everyone else had already gone to bed.

One late evening, we stayed up making prank calls to my father. My friend was a little slutty. She kept calling him up and saying that she was a horny little girl who wanted a big man to take care of her. My father replied:

"I'm not going to sleep with you. So stop calling me, okay?"

Her mother had a strange habit of showing up late at night and peeking in the windows. I think she was trying to make sure that her daughter wasn't having sex with anyone.

Another night, we were rummaging through a bookshelf that held some movies. We were looking for something to stay up and watch, but I came across a paper called "The Termination Day" that was written by my housemate, John. It had been shoved in with the movies and books. I asked my friend:

"What is Termination Day?"

"I don't know... but hey, now that I think of it... if I watch a movie tonight, I won't be able to get up before it's light outside.. we have stuff to do tomorrow.."

So she went to bed.

The next day was the last day of camp. I went through my luggage and everything had turned to dead bugs and fingers. I looked out the window, and my friend was on the phone to someone. She looked up at me and I smiled at her, but she didn't smile back. I went to the mirror and tried to smile at myself, but realized that I couldn't do it anymore.