My own failed internet romance did not give me the right to speak out against romance that begins online.

I was angry and bitter for so long and never even realized it. Very recently, I was forced to take a long and hard look at the whole situation. What I found wasn't pretty at all.

We were together for a year and half. He lives in Massachusetts. I live in New York. He'd call me daily and would visit four times. I became attached to him during this period. I cannot and will not say the same for him as I cannot read minds. Although, looking back, I will say I think I made more of the relationship than I should have. I don't think he ever intended for it to go as far as it did. Everything moved so quickly. Too quickly.

The man I was involved with could not deal with my Cerebral Palsy.

What worked very well online could not survive in the real world. We are both good people and are both happy in our respective and very seperate lives.

Dealing with a disability can be difficult if not impossible. It's mine to deal with. No one else needs to even try if they feel they cannot.

Everything I do that requires more than the use of one fully funtional arm, I am not able to do without help.

Many relationships that began online are very successful. May they stay happy and strong in each other's love and be blessed always.

Enjoy what you have today as none of us are promised tomorrow.