William James Sidis was arguably one of the most intelligent human beings to have ever lived. He was born to Boris and Sarah Sidis in 1898. Both of his parents were extremely intelligent and well educated.

Sidis' IQ is generally estimated to be above 250. He learned to spell in English by the time he was a year old and learned Russian, French, Hebrew, German, Turkish and Armenian by age six. At the age of seven, he passed the Harvard University Medical School anatomy exam, and at eight, passed the MIT entrance exam.

In 1909, Sidis became the youngest person to enroll at Harvard University at age eleven. He graduated in 1914 at age 16, and entered Harvard Law School in 1916.

At age 20, he conducted a study that predicted the existence of black holes years before any other definitive work on the subject. It was at this stage in his life that Sidis began to withdraw from social circles, preferring to conduct his work in private. His social ineptitude was often poked fun at, and his adversaries laughed at what they assumed was a wasted existence.

The publications of Sidis are difficult to determine as he used aliases during his life and a good portion of his work is in fragments. The following is a partial list:

He was antagonized by various media sources mainly for his controversial utopian ideals and his experiments with communism and socialism. It caused a great deal of animosity between himself and his parents, particularly his mother. His attempts at reconciling with other people were often difficult as his concepts were too complex for most people to process. William James Sidis died in 1944 at the age of 46.