Other true story: Jerry Falwell came to speak at my father's church a few months ago. While it's a fairly conservative congregation overall, my dad said that most people there were prepared to dislike him. But, he said, Falwell turned out to be a thoughtful and engaging speaker. Falwell talked a bit about the then-current flap in which a newsletter associated with his organization alleged that Teletubbie Tinky Winky was gay; he said that ever since the comment was made he's been receiving hundreds of Tinky Winky toys in the mail. "So I give them to my grandchildren," Falwell said. "They love the things; besides, it saves me from a lot of shopping when their birthdays come around."

If I may editorialize for a moment, demonizing your enemies probably isn't a good idea. Falwell isn't a Nazi. Saying that he is to people who then discover that he isn't will only diminish your credibility and possibly enhance his.