"Bet you didn't know preaching{sic} teaching and nagging could be an evening's entertainment, did you?" --Tagline

The latest attempt at milking the Dr. Laura Schlessinger franchise.

You can choose one of three roles:

Preach: You can pretend to be Dr. Laura Schlessinger for a few minutes, and you are presented with a card, and if your answer is voted to be as good as Laura's, then you get to move forward a space. If you suck, your turn ends.

You can also "Teach." This gives you a question and multiple-choice answers, only one of which is the authentic answer.

You can also "Nag," which means you listen to everyones' answer to a dilemma, and whomever you pick as the most akin to Dr. Laura's answer gets to move forward a space.

3-6 players, Adults. With over 600 Q's and A's, you, too, can be Dr. Laura for a day.

Is anyone else disturbed by this as much as I am?

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