"Does anyone know what 'method acting' is?" Father Josh asked the congregation at Saint Timothy's this morning. "It's when an actor descends into a part and becomes the character they must play. I think Al Pacino does this, and I've heard it's sometimes difficult for him to come out of the part when the filming's over, he identifies so totally with that character.

"That is what we do with Jesus. We learn all we can about Him, how He feels, what He thinks, what He wants; what makes Him happy, what makes him grieve, and become angry; and then we live as if we were Him. We ask ourselves, if Jesus were in our situation and with our relationships, how would He respond?

"There's a lot I don't understand about the direction in which this Church is going. But whatever happens to the mission of the Church, whatever changes may take place in it, this is still the mission of each individual Christian and always will be: to become Christ, so that when people look at us, they see Him shining through in our lives.

"People are asking what we should do in response to all the changes and upheavals we're going through. The answer is that we do what we have been doing all along. Only a hundred times more so."