1) In Dungeons and Dragons, Spellfire is raw magical energy which is not being chanelled through a spell. It has the capacity to burn fiercely and, in some cases, to heal. Few individuals have ever been able to wield spellfire, though all of the chosen of Mystra (goddess of magic in the Forgotten Realms setting) have been imbued with the ability to use it.

2) A novel by Ed Greenwood, the creator of the Forgotten Realms game setting. The main character is a girl who has the ability to absorb magical energy and wield it to burn or heal. It has lots of good bits with Elminster.

3) An out-of-print CCG published by TSR based in the Dungeons and Dragons universe. While the game is often frowned upon by gamers, it was successful enough to warrant nearly a dozen expansions. The rule system is simple and lacks proper balance, has terrible art, but has cards for almost everything ever published in the system, making it a neat collectible.