A very funny skit by the Upright Citizens Brigade spoofing certain cults that claim to be able to give you complete control over your mind.

A sly salesman type welcomes the audience to "the dynamic world of the Church of Psychotonomy". He gets a left-handed audience member to step up front, and then attempts to "cure" him of his left-handedness. The cure involves offering him a cookie, then snatching it away when he picks it up with his left hand.

The salesman then reads from an awful novel called Battlezone Planet until the so-called volunteer shrieks in pain and says he's right-handed.

At this point, former Psychotonomists in the audience debunk the whole thing, shout at the salesman, and finally enturbulate him to the point where he starts kicking things and threatening lawsuits.

The skit can be seen at http://www.xenutv.com/us/cable.htm and is an excellent way to offend any Scientologist.

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