Today was a day just like other days, but not.

::QuietLight throws confetti in the air::

Today, I learned that I have been hired to work for the first time in my life. I got a job as a spotlight boy at the nearby Broadhollow Theater for a play by the name of "Saturday Night at the Grossingers". It's an original play, so I doubt anyone has heard of it. I have always been interested in stagecrew, and now I am finally getting the chance to mature from doing little highschool and camp plays to the real thing- professional theater.

Sound (as in the sound technician for a play) has always been my passion. To me, it's the one position in stagecrew that lets me watch the show from the audience's point of view, and gives me the most control over the audiences' experience at the same time. I like sound, but it's a very competitive job, and I don't know if I have a good enough ear for it.

Then again, I like pretty much all of the stage jobs. I have done it all- I have been a spotlight boy many times in the past, carpenter/painter of sets and props, prop boy, lighting, runner (lost props, coffee, etc.), and costumes. It all seems like fun to me... I dont know why, but I get a happy feeling on the first night of the show, when I get to sit back and say "Wow...I was a part of something magical." Well, I guess that is something everyone has a different opinion on.

Today was a happy day... for me, anyway.

As the newly-crowned spotlight boy, I say LET THERE BE LIGHT!

Now, I guess I am not so much of a QuietLight, but more of a Spotlight. (Yuk...yuk...)

All ye actors out there, just remember- Screw with crew, you dance in the dark!