The X-files

Episode: 1X14
First aired:2/04/94
Written by: Alex Gansa and Howard Gordon
Directed by: David Nutter

Scully, with fellow agent Jack Willis, shoots a bank robber but Willis, Scully's former boyfriend, is seriously wounded by the robber. The doctors revive Willis after he'd been flatlining for 13 mins and Dupre, the robber, dies.

When Willis wakes, he is no longer Willis but has Dupre's consciousness within his body. He goes to the morgue where he finds "his" body and removes the wedding ring. We see the tattoo from Dupre's arm has now appeared on Willis's.

Mulder notices Willis's strange behavior and gets Willis to sign a birthday card for Scully, even though he and Scully share the same birthday, which is months away. Scully maintains that the forgetting of his and her birthday, and the different signature, are only signs of post-traumatic stress.

Willis says he has found Dupre's girlfriend and accomplice, Lula, and Scully goes with him. They catch Lula but Willis captures Scully and proves to Lula that he is actually Dupre.

Willis/Dupre falls faint because Willis is diabetic and needs insulin. Lula stops Scully from administering to him and calls the FBI asking $1 million ransom for Scully.

The FBI find Scully's location and prepare to enter the house. Talking, to Scully, Willis transforms between personalities as Scully tries to keep him conscious. WIllis gets Lula's gun and kills her then dies himself. The tattoo fades slowly from his arm.

Scully later finds that Willis's watch had stopped at the exact time he went into cardiac arrest the day of the shooting.

Important Quotes:
Mulder -- "Two men died in that crash room, Scully. One man came back. The question is … which one?"

Scully -- "We dated … for almost a year. He was my instructor at the academy."
Mulder -- "The plot thickens."

Mulder (on phone) -- "We don’t deal unless we know Scully is alive."
Lula (on phone) -- "She’s alive. She’s not happy, but she’s alive."
Mulder (on phone, threatening) -- "You listen to me --- you lay one hand on Scully, and so help me, God ----"

Agent Bruskin -- "All right, people, settle down and grab a seat. Mulder says he’s got something."
Agent Westin -- "What? An alien virus or new information on the Kennedy assassination?"
Agent Bruskin -- "Hey, Mulder’s all right. You should pay attention. You might learn something from the man."

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