Formed in 1988, in Liverpool, England the Boo Radleys were an indie, guitar band who had some hits in the Uk charts during the Britpop era. However they were championed by DJs like John Peel before this and their best album Giant Steps was voted album of the year by NME readers in 1994. Their best known song is Wake Up Boo!, and many of their other songs will occasionally pop-up as background music in clips from football highlights.

The Boo Radleys were;

Martin Carr (guitarist/song writer), Sice (vocalist), Tim Brown (bassist) and Rob Cieka (drummer).

They split up in early 1999. Martin Carr has since gone on to form Brave Captain. Sice recorded one album First Fruits under the Eggman moniker.

Albums by the Boo Radleys

1990 Ichabod and I
1992 Everything's Alright Forever
1993 Giant Steps - probably my favourite, but Wake Up! and C'Mon Kids are worth listening to as well
1995 Wake Up!
1996 C'Mon Kids
1998 Kingsize

Let it be said that the Boo Radleys provided me with food for my formative years. Some of the b-sides (eg A Part I Know So Well, Vote You and Almost Nearly There) were spectacularly beautiful.

Their best album was, debatably, Giant Steps, although C'mon Kids had many bright stars, including Bullfrog Green and Everything Is Sorrow. The best song from Wake Up! was Charles Bukowski Is Dead.

Now Martin Carr writes and sings (a little unfortunately) for himself under the name Brave Captain. Highlights include "The Monk Jumps Over The Wall".

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