A third wave ska music band from the New Caanan, Connecticut and Bedford, New York area. They are no long together because all of the members (who used to be in high school) have now gone to college. They do, however, have an album called Sticky as a Tree Frog and they get back together sometimes to play ska shows at the Globe in Norwalk, Connecticut.

A real kind of soup. See, there is just plain old turtle soup, made from real turtles. Real turtle soup still seems to be a popular delicacy in New Orleans, French restaurants, and various countries around the world, but mock turtle soup is supposedly a decent imitation. Instead of turtle, various cow parts are used. On one list of ingredients was beef heart. Hardboiled egg and onion seems to play an important role in this soup, as well. I would say it is an acquired taste, and most who dislike it claim that its slightly metallic taste turns them off to it. I have noticed the metallic taste, and I do not find it unpleasant. Yeah, maybe I am a little weird. The only city I know of whose residents consistently know about mock turtle soup is Cincinnati, Ohio, but I am sure that there are others. Speak up!

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