So today was nice, I didn't do much but then again I'm on winter break, don't go back till the 17th, and I don't do much these days.

But I meant to wake up at 9:30 but after hitting my snooze button for the 4th time, I turned off the alarm clock and fell asleep again. Wow, I have no self control when it comes to when I want to get up.
But I did get myself up around 11, which isn't too bad, jumped in the shower got breakfast and went to pick up my friend, who was wondering where I was.

So we headed off to our old high school, Sidwell Friends School in Washington DC. I had been back once this break but my friend had not, so we walked around and talked to a lot of teachers and friends who were still there. It was kinda weird being back, as it always is. But I'm only a freshman now, so when the bell rung, I felt the need to rush off to class. It really hadn't been all that long since I had gone there.

After we had gotten sick of talking to people and them asking us how we like where we are (I'm at Cornell), we went to lunch and then to a used CD store.

So that was my day, you can feel the excitment of it!
But now, sitting in my house, I'm thinking of the differences between my life here and that at Cornell, and I'm talking with friends from Cornell and friends from around here. It's hard to put a finger on the feeling, but it's strange.

In most ways I can't wait to get back, catch the end of rush week partying and get into my new classes. Last semester was pretty rough so in other ways, I don't want to start that work and stress again. Which of course, is understandable.

So only a week left till I go back. Am I sad? Am I happy? I don't know. It's weird, I feel like I'm going off to college for the first time again. I'm used to it here now, and even nervous about heading back. But then again I know once I get up there everything'll be fine, and I'll be comfortable. So maybe it's the transitions that are worrying me, even though I know I don't have a problem with them. Here I have family and friends, but it's a pretty quiet life, and there I have friends and am leading a crazy, fast paced life.

So the changes are strange, but interesting at least.

But that's enough rambling.....