This past Friday I got six shots in preparation for my service as a missionary in El Slavador. I got three in each arm.

Left arm: Flu shot, DPT, and TYPHOID.
Right arm; Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, and a Polio Booster.

Note to any poor soul who's getting shots soon: Hep A and Hep B will more than likely just plain hurt. A large, indifferent black female nurse administered the shots for me. When I asked her if it was going to hurt, her jerked her head and looked at me, as if I'd awoken her from the room temperature repetition of her daily tasks. She furrowed her brow at my ignorance and said, "Ooooh, you betta' hold on..." and the stuck me quick and hard.

Typhoid didn't hurt at first, but that was just a trick. Twenty minutes later it hurt like a demon. It still hurts a little, three days later.

So, I have actual typhoid in me right now; aren't you jealous? You are.

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