If God is standing there with a checklist (featuring at least 10 items on which to judge me), my initial reaction will be to say "Dear God, what a coincidence!", so great will be my shock that the Bible actually got it right.

As you can probably guess, I don't allow ideas of what happens after death to really affect my life much. There has never been reason to believe any particular divine being or realm to exist, so I tend not to bother. I believe that if I did believe, however, I would believe in a god who doesn't require belief (always struck me as a singularly needy and irrational thing for gods to desire of me - take Yahweh for example. Expecting me to believe in 'im just on the basis of the bible and threatening me with hell if I don't is the sort of behaviour that would see him barred entry to second-level philosophy on account of idiocy... aaanyway) so I don't feel like I'm insulting any supreme beings there might be out there - using the powers en may have endowed me with to live a kind and honest life on my own virtues, without allowing any of the thousands of clamouring preachers in this world to sway me to their arbitrary idea of religion strikes me as a far greater respect to them than accepting, say, the Bible as my gospel truth.

If God was there, though, and I was wrong about this whole 'God is fairly smart and reasonable' thing, I'm going straight to hell. I'd fall down on a few of the sexual things, most of the food things, all of the blasphemy things, but (I think) none of the 10 commandments. Oh, also I'd be wise-cracking for all I was worth, because, you know, I only get one chance at God and with eternal damnation looming I don't exactly have a lot to lose.

So, if my picture of the universe is more or less correct and God wants us to be as smart and as strong and as nice as we can without any threats needed or given, I should be set for whatever comes next. Of course, I think I'll just stop there and all that'll be left is everything I've done to the world during my life (which won't be much, but overall it'll be better than if it weren't there), but I'm open to other offers.

Like being an undead superhero! That'd be wicked!

When I die, my family will grieve, my friends will too. Nobody will rejoice, until they get to the bit in my will where I order them to. Somewhere, small amounts of inertia that I hope to build up in my life, little ripples of joy or compassion, will run on for a while...

What I hope to do with my life is create something that makes those ripples come from as many people as possible to as many people as possible.
If I continue to exist only as a small wave of human kindness, or as a fond memory or a beneficent organisation, that's really enough. In some ways, even, it's more than I am now.