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the mumbling sputtering toad that is Me, the erector from behind, chest cavity concealing long lungesque pleasure chambers, pump pumping that thai cess, returns to the choker, from two weeks on the Elephant Island, the untannable, sun coward in the shade, the divist reaching 30 meters, dodging manta rays and trigger fish, frees the fish from illegals, breaks the surface to face a blanket of stars, the night diver smoking blunts with his instructors dreams of future phospheresence, returns by slow boat, to slow wooden patios saturated in Pineapple, passion fruit, cocconut, potato curry, green red yellow banana curry, eats some of the fish he swam with, and now, the travilist redissolves among the smog and yammering cars of the Banging Cock, flip flopping around with abandon, this motorcycle precision he writes in, a journal entry from the eastern side, update to the western ones, where he used tubes between his cubes, to say last night was the kings birthday and it was christmas in Canada only with 10 million thais, and 1 billion white christmas lights and more energy and undefineable minced meat dishes, then a downpour, the ever mobile organic t shirt toy cell phone watch markets disbanding and reforming under awnings, through the wet glass of the restaurant the lights sparkled, spread and guided wise me(rchants)n and I expected to see horse drawn carriages and scarves, and these cars might as well be mountains, so we whiz by on bikes, today I extended my visa, again thais shame canada, where are the bus stewardess on my toronto to montreal?, where is the massage function on my chair? or beside my 7-11, I did my laundry and saved 50 cents, and looked towards loa, the north jungle, Mekong river boats, french in the south, sloooow to the south, then hop over to vietnam, the backpacker will then look to China(never, maybe), the nonbackpacker to cambodia, he, i will see, and then back to the Elephant Island (ko chang/ goh shang), this is a good place, but first on the 10th matthew and I go to Tak in the North West for long caves and gy nor mous Thi Lo Su waterfalls, this is all he, I, with holes in my pocket, and skin that looks like a shrimp, says,

swaddi khap you monsters.