There is also a great significance in where Blanche used to live which we learn in the opening scene, ‘Why I -live in Laurel.’ Laurel is important as it has several significant meanings that apply to Blanche and her demeanour. Firstly Laurel is a mark of honour particularly in the ancient times. This is important in the first scene as it shows the audience the history with which Blanche descends from, which therefore helps to explain her air of dominance towards people she considers to be beneath her.

Another meaning of Laurel is ‘to rely on past achievements instead of working to maintain or advance ones statues or reputation.’ This applies to Blanche because although she owns nothing ‘everything I own is in that trunk,’ and she is completely dependent on others kindness, she still believes that her reputation of upper classes puts her needs above others. Blanche also believed because of her superior background that her reputation could not be damaged and would remain clean whatever she did.

So when she acted with promiscuity in her home town she didn’t understand the full effects that would take their toll on her reputation, until it was too late and she could no longer maintain her prim exterior; she depended on Laurel to support her.