Considered by many to be the masterpiece of American playwright Edward Albee, written in 1962.

Martha and George invite (well, Martha does the inviting) Nick and Honey, two neophytes at their university faculty, over for a few drinks. The scene quickly deteriorates into a genuine Walpurgisnacht, a hedonistic brawl of intellect and imagination where no-one gets out without a scar or two. The script (which is, quite possibly, bloody brilliant) is fraught with intertextuality, shameless puns and gags, and more creative insults than you thought possible in the space of its pages.

Some themes include:
In 1966 director Mike Nichols turned it into a film, starring Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Sandy Dennis, and George Segal. Out of its many nominations, Elizabeth Taylor won Best Actress at the 1967 Oscars, and Sandy Dennis won Best Supporting Actress. The film also cleaned up at the BAFTA awards, and remains a classic to both film nuts and theatre nuts to this day.

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