Comedy series on Nickelodeon in the early 90s (or 90's). Chronicled the adventures of some kids at Camp Anawana. The kids were witty enough to nickname their counselor, Kevin Lee, "Ug". Get it? "Ug" Lee? Ha.

The only big name in the cast was Danny Cooksey, as Bobby Budnick, the camp troublemaker. And by 'big name' I mean only that he actually had a regular role on Diff'rent Strokes six years earlier.

The head of the camp, Dr. Kahn, was never seen, but rumor has it that his voice was done by Ben Stein. I don't believe it myself; the voice is too different.

The other characters included normal kid Michael, environmental activist Z.Z., material girl Dina, female jock Telly, fat kid Donkey Lips, and technical wizard Sponge.

The title of the show, by the way, is explained in the opening sequence, where we see Donkey Lips playing "Reveille" while Budnick runs a pair of shorts up the flagpole.