Blarghle. Work has been boring for the past week, mostly because the server upon which I write Perl, mostly for my own edification, has been down. This is just one more example of wacky shit that happens at my job.

Noded Wiskedjak, for which I feel OK. I wish I'd been able to find out more information about him on the Web. The fact that I can't leads me to wonder if that's a rare name for another, more well-known Algonquin spirit. I got the name from Neil Gaiman's American Gods, so it's really a question of where he got it from. Eventually, as I can find information, I'll node more of the characters from the book, but rather than noding them as Neil depicts them, I plan on noding them as they're commonly represented in their native mythologies. I figure we can call it The E2 God Project or something.

Washed my bike today at the car wash. The high-pressure soap spray was very effective at taking the old grease and grime off of my chain and cogs, though I think that next time, I'll try rotating the chain a bit. I then lubricated the chain and cogs with three-in-one, because I can't afford the fancy lubricants like tri-flow.

Hooray! One less write-up before level 4. I'll probably still have to do some kind of major cut-n-paste NFN thing, though.