Customer service is such a miserable thing when you work in the world of 1 hour photo service. It's completely unreal what people actually believe. For instance:

I promise you, I DID NOT PUT RED EYE INTO YOUR PICTURES. I can't do that. YOU did that with your camera. I do not, contrary to what I have actually been told, have a button that makes the iris' of all the people in a picture red. Though I would REALLY like to do this sometimes, alas you have to do it for me.

Also, I honestly didn't double expose your negatives. Think about it. How the hell did I get pictures of people you know doubled exposed with pictures of people you know? All of that is there when you give me that little canister I promise.

And before you have a fit, YES that film was blank when you brought it to me. That's what a clear negative means you moron. When I tell you something, take my word for it. I didn't loose your pictures of Bobby Sue's 1st steps or your collection of child pornography.