Hollywood has an impressive technology that allows them to shrink a full-length feature movie into a compact, highly promotable trailer. This trailer is like the Cliff's Notes version of the movie, and it explains every little plot-twist, secret, and previews every stunt, explosion, or unexpected death. Presumably, this is done so that, having virtually seen the entire movie, you can now make a fully informed decision about spending hard cash on the real thing.

"Ronin" had a great trailer at the start. It was mysterious, it was dark, and you wanted to know more. Then, a few weeks before the movie hit the theatres, they added more and more to it until you were able to reconstruct the entire screenplay from the trailer alone. "Mission To Mars", while not a great movie in many respects, suffered from a horrendous trailer that insisted on showing you everything.

The first "Toys" trailer was just Robin Williams standing in a big green field talking about the movie, a trailer that did not use a single frame from the feature, which is perfection, really.

With "Unbreakable", it was decided to show you the first five minutes of the movie so you could get a handle on where it was going, much like "Sleepy Hollow". If you actually got around to seeing the movie after repeated exposure to the trailer, it was like a bad case of Deja-Vu.
I suppose the people that need these trailers are the same people who need coffee cups with "Warning, Contents Hot" printed on the side in large letters.

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