Ahh, St. Patrick's Day. The only day anyone thinks about the Irish. Beer this, leprechaun that, potato famine yourself, and Erin Go Bragh!

Wait, what's that mean?

Erin go bragh is an anglicization of the Gaelic phrase Eireann go brach, which translates literally as "Ireland forever", just as vive la France means "long live France". This was an ancient battlecry of the Irish, uttered back when beer was the canonical beverage, leprechauns were real, and potatoes were plentiful.

I've gotten a pair of nasty comments from one noder with Irish connections already. I thought this would happen. Well, I am able to proudly trace half my lineage to Ireland (the other half to France). I feel perfectly comfortable poking fun at both my own heritage and the way in which others view it.