Stress, stress, stress. I leave for CERN in fourteen and a half hours. I'm mostly packed, double checked my passport and my flight tickets. What else am I forgetting? I have this horrible, horrible feeling that I am not remembering something vitally important. I still need to get my health plan info from my mom and print of my hostel reservation (the CERN hostels, despite being called hostels, are apparently closer to hotels). Send my itenary to my mom, what else, what else, what else?

I should be getting really, really excited right now. This is like a childhood (well, teenagehood, I didn't know what physics was in childhood) dream come true. I am going to CERN, and not just to be a tourist or something (can you even get in as a tourist?) I am going to "help" with the Hadronic Endcap Calorimeter / Electromagnetic Endcap Calorimeter (HEC-EMEC) Testbeam period. Make sure everything works before they turn the big machine on. I say "help" because I have just begun my masters and really, I'll be more in the way than anything else, but my supervisor thinks it will be good for me.

Well, I've been thinking about what I'm forgetting for an hour now, it must not be THAT important if I can't figure it out by now. I know there is a few things to throw in my bags in the morning, shower stuff, hairbrush and toothbrush and so on, but that's all already on The List so I don't forget it.

Well, hopefully it comes to me before morning. Either that or I calm down somewhat. I sure hope I can sleep, I'll probably only get four hours in the plane from Vancouver to London tomorrow night (I get off at 11:20 a.m. London time, but 3:20 a.m. my time). Even so, YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I'm going to Geneva, and someone else is paying for it! Grad school rocks!