This is where would-be drama majors flock to spend 4+ idyllic years pretending that they are living on NBC's "Friends".NYU is huge in Drama, Buisness, and Law. Their English department and their Computer Science department is a bit lacking. NYU gets somewhere around 30,000 undergraduate applicants each year, and accepts about eight-and-a-half thousand of them. If you're looking for a school with kickass sports and school pride, run fast and far. There's a reason that NYU's athletics are division three; their sports teams were known as "The Violets" until some of the Men's Basketball team protested and the Bobcat was arbitrarily chosen as the sports mascot. However, the main symbol for NYU is a white torch on a purple field, which can be seen peppered around the East Village/NOHO area between Broadway and Fifth Avenue from 8th Street to Bleeker Street.

NYU offers a lot more options in foreign exchange than many other universities, due to the fact that NYU attracts many foreign students. Also, it's in arguably the most eclectic and exciting neighborhood of arguably the most eclectic and exciting city in the world. NYU students are big buisness for a lot of restauranteurs and barkeeps in the area, so as a result carding is almost a non-issue. Also, NYU students get in free to a lot of the cities well-known museums on the Upper West Side like the Guggenheim and the MoMA.

NYU does have a huge number of students drop out each year, and a comparatively large percentage of students who exhibit signs of clinical depression. Not surprisingly, it is the #2 pot school in the country, second only to Lewis and Clark. The university seems to be one of those things that you either really love or hate. The fact that I transferred to Berkeley after one semester might give you a clue as to my opinion on the matter.