A small public university located in Portales, New Mexico. It's the Land of Enchantment's youngest state university, opening its doors in just 1934. It offers undergraduate and master's degrees.

ENMU is an inexpensive school (in fact, one of the best things about the university is that they give out scholarships like candy at Christmas -- if you can't get a free ride on your tuition, you just ain't trying!), but the administrators seem to be working hard to increase the level of bureaucracy, so that they'll be more admired by other, larger, more bureaucratic colleges.

The campus is beautifully landscaped -- there is a ton more greenery than you'd ever expect to find in rural eastern New Mexico. Much of campus life is centered around the fountain in the middle of the campus, though I hear the administration has secret plans to destroy it so they can build some gruesome amphitheatre in its place. The campus library is home to one of the largest collections of rare and collectible science fiction books in the nation. And the football stadium is located, for some reason, several miles north of town.

There is not very much to do for entertainment in Portales, so it's best to cultivate a hobby (hopefully, something other than drinking) before you apply.

Favorite Odd Factoid: The school's mascot -- the Greyhound -- was selected when a member of the football team saw a Greyhound bus drive by the field one fall while the team was brainstorming for a mascot...

I had enough happy memories of my time at Eastern to work at the college years after graduation. I also had enough unhappy memories of the college that, after moving away again, I swore never to go back...

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