The state appelation of New Mexico.

It's even spawned a joke:

Relatives were visiting New Mexico for the first time from the east coast, and were astounded by the beauty of the state, especially the sunsets. They were taken by the people, the vistas, the smell of the air, and thought they had realized the true meaning of the phrase "Land of Enchantment". Comparing notes at the end of the first week of their visit, they noticed how often my wife cleaned the house, especially the amount of time she spends dusting. Innocently, they commented on it one morning, "We're really impressed with how lovely this state is, the scenery, the food, the people, simply everything. The only thing that keeps us from moving here is it seems like you don't have any time to enjoy it, what with all the cleaning you do." "What do you mean?" my wife asked. "Well, I mean, you seem to spend so much time wipeing down everything, cleaning all the dust off nearly every surface." My wife replied, deadpan, "That's not dust," she said, "that's "enchantment."

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