The one thing not yet mentioned, is that Michael Leunig is also an artist. Not just an artist in the metaphysical sense that all creative endeavour can be considered art, but Leunig also has a large portfolio of print work that could not be described as simply cartoons. They all still contain the slightly offbeat angle on life that is Leunig's signature, but they also convey meaning without using words.

The following taken from -

"He was a member of a group of artists invited to create a mural which is now located at the National Gallery of Australia. His drawings, prints, paintings and cartoons have been exhibited at private and public galleries throughout Australia, and are in private and public collections both in Australia and overseas.

A major retrospective of his drawings and paintings was organised by the National Gallery of Victoria in 1992. The "Introspective" toured State Galleries of Australia until May 1994.

From 1998 to 2000 a comprehensive exhibition of his printmaking "The Happy Prints" toured Regional Galleries in NSW, Victoria and Tasmania and was exhibited at the National Archive of Australia in Canberra, A.C.T.

From January 2002 to June 2002 The Museum of Sydney exhibited "Leunig Animated" an exhibition of Leunig's sketches, drawings and cartoons along with the detailed animation cells made from his material."

Michael Leunig also created quite a stir in Australian society when on Christmas Day 2001 he stated we should "find a place in our hearts for the humanity of Osama bin Laden" and that December 25th "is a family day and Osama is our relative."