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Phill's Long List of Things He Never Did
(Contrary to popular belief)
  • Swim Bass Strait.
  • Walk across the Simpson Desert.
  • Eat 73 Weet-Bix in one sitting.
  • Drink a Pint of Beer in less than 4 seconds.
  • Write an Essay entitled "The South-East Asian Economic Crisis and it's effect on the Kalahari Bushmen"
  • Find a severed head in a bag.
  • Look behind the lounge at Roy's house.
  • Question good fortune.
  • Make mountains out of mole hills using sophisticated earth moving equipment.
  • Climb Mt. Everest.
  • Water ski on Lake Eyre.
  • Surf in the Red Sea.
  • Sail on the Titantic.
  • Fly in the Space Shuttle Columbia.
  • Take a holiday in Pompeii.
  • Live in Atlantis.
  • March with Imperial Roman Legions.
  • Brew beer onboard a Boeing 747.
  • Circumnavigate the globe.
  • Stab myself with scissors.
  • Eat asbestos.
  • Inject mud.
  • Drink Ajax.
  • Just added water.
  • Find solutions for a small planet.
  • Go where I wanted to today.
  • Dream of Genie.
  • Accept a knighthood.
  • Insert a knife into a power point.
  • Shave the family's pet cat.
  • Insert a knife into the family's pet cat.
  • Insert the family's pet cat into a power point.
  • Bury a corpse in the back yard.
  • Dig up a corpse in the back yard.
  • Seriously plan to bury a corpse in the backyard.
  • Calculate the probability of finding a corpse buried in the back yard.
  • Find the Snowdens of Yesteryear.
  • Sleep under the stars in Antarctica.
  • Dance with the Devil in the pale moonlight.
  • Re-surface a tennis court.
  • Meet King Arthur.
  • Fall in love with a replicant.
  • Mine gold for King Solomon.
  • Jump from a moving train.
  • Leap tall buildings in a single bound.
  • Advise Hitler.
  • Travel to the impenetrable Heart of Darkness.
  • Commit suicide.
  • Steal industrial secrets.
  • Naturally produce large amounts of chlorophyll.
  • Invent the wheel.
  • Split the Atom.
  • Speak with forked tongue.
  • Let sleeping dogs lie.
  • Invade Normandy.
  • Torture peasants.
  • Plot world domination with the help of unidentified alien life forms.
  • Build the Great Pyramid.
  • Detonate a hand-held nuclear device.
  • Teach an old dog new tricks.
  • Consider the implications.
  • Travel faster than the speed of light.
  • Embezzle funds.
  • Tame Tigers.
  • Walk on Water