Rt Hon Sir Robert Gordon Menzies, KT, AK, CH, FRS, QC

Prime Minister of Australia 1939 - 1941 and 1949 - 1966
Born: Jeparit, Victoria 1894
Died: Malvern, Victoria 1978


1894 Born Jeparit, Victoria
1916 Graduated in Law, First Class Honours, Melbourne University
1927 Elected to Victorian State Parliament
1934 Elected to House of Representatives
1939 Following the death of Lyons he became Prime Minister
1941 Resigned
1944 Formed the The Liberal Party of Australia
1949 Reelected Prime Minister
1963 Awarded Order of Knight of the Thistle
1966 Retired as Prime Minister
1976 Awarded Knight of the Order of Australia
1978 Died aged 83


"......what we must look for, and it is a matter of desperate importance to our society, is a true revival of liberal thought which will work for social justice and security, for national power and national progress, and for the full development of the individual citizen, though not through the dull and deadening process of socialism."
The above quote is taken from the Liberal Party homepage, given that Menzies was the founding member, this should give you a strong idea of both the party and the man. However, the subject of Menzies' politcal philosophy is such a large and important one, that it deserves its own writeup. Here I offer only short list of points, for more information see the references below, or Menzies' own writing.


Literary works:

Named in honour of Menzies:

Australian Prime Ministers:

preceeded by:

Page April 1939 - April 1939
Chifley August 1945 - December 1949

Suceeded by:

Fadden August 1941 - October 1941
Holt January 1966 - December 1967


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