Occassional character on The Simpsons.

A nervous, wiry, middle-aged salesman--and a very bad salesman at that. Has been seen trying to sell computers to Principal Skinner after Lisa Simpson cheated on a test, which raised the school's test scores enough to earn more funding--Ralph Wiggum is seated at the computer when Lisa and Skinner walk in, and Gil pushes for Skinner to purchase the insurance plan (These things'll rust right up on 'ya).

Perpetually low on self-esteem and fearful that he won't be able to bring home the bacon, "Good 'Ol" Gill always refers to himself in the third-person at least once, as an aside: "Close the deal, Gil! Close the deal!"

Gil also appears as a salesman in an episode where Homer Simpson goes to the car dealership--Gil, of course, loses the sale to a coworker, even after pleading and explaining that his wife's going to leave him if he doesn't get it.