A brief Zorro-a-like bit-character in the episode of The Simpsons "Maximum Homerdrive" where Homer and Bart briefly become long-haul truckers, and Marge and Lisa get a new doorbell from a shop called "Señor Ding-Dong's Doorbell Fiesta".
When it breaks down and drives Wiggum to shoot it, Senor Ding-Dong comes to the rescue, prompting Bumblebee Man to shout:

"Ai, ai, ai, és Senor Ding-Dong!"

Apparently, everyone thought he was just a marketing gimmick, but as he says: "There was a time when that was true, but now I am so much more." Señor Ding-Dong cracks a whip at the doorbell, silencing it, then leaps into his truck and drives away in what would be a dramatic ending, if it were not for the truck failing to start and his cry of "Does anyone have any jumper cables? Oh, you stinking Chevy."

(Information taken from http://www.snpp.com/episodes/AABF13).

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