I sometimes don't think before I talk. This gets me in trouble with some people and gets me respect from others. My uncle once told me that I remind him of Jesse Ventura because I always say what I think. Not sure if that is a compliment or not.

Today’s 'think before you talk' moment went like this: I was at my work’s annual Thanksgiving potluck lunch. Everyone brings food and sits around and makes small talk and enjoys not being at their desks for an hour or so. I was sitting at table with a nice mix of people this time, some friends, some not. This made for good conversation. The conversation went from the Joss Whedon show Firefly to the Baldwin brothers somehow. Oh, it was because the character, Jayne on Firefly is played by an actor named Adam Baldwin and we all wondered if he was "a Baldwin" like Alec and his other actor brothers. I mentioned that I didn’t think he was because he didn’t look like the other Baldwins. Maybe he is a cousin or something.

Anyway, so this made me bring up actors who I think could someday be president. Everyone thought this was a quirky notion, but indulged me. Someone brought up that Alec Baldwin couldn’t be president someday because he is divorced. Someone else mentioned that it was a messy divorce, too. Someone else mentioned there has only been one unmarried president ever. Then the thought occurred to me, do you have to go to church every Sunday if you are president? What religion is Alec Baldwin, anyway? It would be horrible to have to make a show of going to church every Sunday if you weren’t religious. It would be terrible to have to lie about that.

Someone said that Bill Clinton didn’t go to church every Sunday when he was the president, which I am not sure is true or not. Then they mentioned that he used to go to the Foundry Methodist Church on 16th and P Streets. I got so excited because that church is on my block. I blurted out, "Oh, the Poop Church!" Wide eyes all around the table, I tell ya. Huge, wide eyes. I then had to explain that Scoresby and I call it the Poop Church because it has one of the biggest patches of grass near our apartment and we take the dog there to go number two. This didn’t make the eyes any less wide. "We clean up!" I said. "And we don’t let him poo there on Sundays!" Laughter all around. Then I told another story about how one of Archie’s cronies, whose mommy doesn’t leash her, once ran right into this church while on a walk. She then yelled, "Chloe, don’t go in that church, we’re Jewish!" This story got a round of laughter and I guess made up for the fact that I said Poop Church like 4 times.

So, President Clinton used to go to the Poop Church. So cool.