My shadow is getting smaller.

I found out this morning while walking beside the Mayflower Hotel. The sun was at my back and the new she was thrown in front of me. She has a waist now and smaller hips and the sleeves of her shirt seem too big. Her hair seems too big to be allowed. Her walk is different from mine, more confident and possibly even cocky? Swish, swish go the arms of my shadow, making use of the morning commute to get my heart rate up. I used to loathe her. She was too wide everywhere and not at all as shapely as she seems to be now. The sight of her would make me cringe.

"Let's go driving tonight, we'll take Al's Comet. He'll never know. We’ll top it out on 95, yeah. I know my driving makes you mad. But just this once, will you do that for me," sings Ida as I turn the corner to Connecticut Ave. My mp3 player is about to die again, and I wonder what my shadow thinks of me.