The idea that you are able to accept your whole body, big, small, tall, short, fat or thin, as it is and consider it normal. People who are naturists believe in body acceptance and the idea that it leads to greater self esteem.

Body acceptance is very important. Unfortunately, with the consumerist world we live in fed by television, media, and movies, it is hard to find acceptance in what we have or who we are. A body is not "beautiful" unless it resembles the cookie cutter forms we see plastered in magazines. No wonder whys so many people, male and female, young and old, have eating disorders and social problems. When I think of my body, the only reason I am more ashamed of one part than the other, it is because it does not fit that social "norm". But, honestly, I really do like my body when I think of it separately and see it for what it truly is. I think that it is truly ironic that next to ads for designer clothing are ads for fast food chains. How can one really fit that stereotypical body image while eating a big mac??

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