Kansas, contrary to popular belief, does have hills, trees and relatively large bodies of water, though mostly man-made. Although the majority of the state (the Western half) is primarily flat farmland, the eastern half is quite green and hilly.

Immensely proud of its status as a free state to neighboring Missouri's slave state, several establishments have taken on the title of Free State. Lawrence is home to Free State High School(new building:very prison-like. ironic.) and the Free State Brewery (I recommend the artichoke dip and a Cyclist), among others. For more information of the Civil War and Quantrill's Raid, check out the visitor's bureau website.

Although not exactly a tourist spot, Kansas is home to the University of Kansas and it's 1989 NCAA Championship basketball team, a source of great pride, loyalty and fanaticism to Lawrence residents. Coach Roy Williams is practically revered as a god there.

Kansas is also the geographical center of the United States. If you want to see it, drive about three hours from the nearest populated non-farming community through a vast expanse of nothingness. The drive to Colorado is quite similar. Eight hours of truck stops and grain silos. Eeesh.

On a higher note, Kansas is purportedly the methamphetamine capital of the world. The crossroads of Interstate 70 and Interstate 35, Kansas sees a good amount of drug trafficking. The Lawrence police department alone busts hundreds of methamphetamine labs and sales every year. Recently, they confiscated a car with a meth lab in the trunk. Not to condone drug use, sales or trafficking, but the street value of marijuana in Kansas is upwards of four times less than that in New York, for those of you eager for a road trip and a profit...

And to add a little sparkle to the rainbow over Kansas...Currently in the works is an Oz theme park. It's being built on a contaminated abandoned army ammunition plant. Tourists enjoy!

On a personal note:I was born and raised in Kansas(though I now live in New York). I love Kansas and will administer a severe verbal beating to anyone who bashes it, but I completely understand why people would not think highly of the state. At least it has a quintessential quality to it, unlike most other boring, flat midwestern states. Like Iowa. Or South Dakota. Or Missouri (aka Misery).