Wow. Sitting here in 2028, reading this node again, is really a mindblower. I mean, I do vividly remember 2014 and the tech we had back then, but now the very idea of needing some kind of physical device that you had to hold in your hand and carry around in a pocket.... really, just, wow. And I remember having a television, and needing to look at its screen just to be able to see what was on it. I mean, forget going back to the 80's, I could just go back to 2014 and show them some crappy old copy of MacRoBrain 2025, and people would just be overawed by it. Heck, even ten years ago, imagine what people would have thought of the very idea that one quick injection of low-rent nanotech brainbots would let you essentially run your computer in your own brain, with your own thoughts. And that it would let you see the "screen" right there in your mind, to see or hear songs and shows and movies -- or just a relaxing waterfall -- like you're sitting right there in the middle of everything.

Now it's true, if we went back earlier than 2022, there wouldn't be a neuraethernet in place for people to communicate mind to mind, or even to tap into those creaky old GPS satellites and simply always know your location on the planet. But even without that, install brainbots in two people and give them a two dollar NeuroTabX cable and watch their amazement as they share thoughts and feelings and sensations from brain to brain. And with the recordings on just one tiny 10 exbibyte chip they could live through a few thousand amazing experiences -- riding an asteroid puncher, starring in their own holodynamic concert, spacediving from that gauchely touristy orbital deck in geosynch over Kenyanzania. They'd probably be wowed enough by one of those nanofibre mood-tunics that were fashionable a few years back -- you know, the ones which change color, thickness, and insulative qualities to suit the wearer's mood. Though as I recall, tunics were not especially fashionable in the 2010s (or the 0s, or the 1980s), but back then you really needed to wear clothing on inclement days just to stay dry and warm.

Yes, I do remember all those eras with some fondness. But I wouldn't go back for the world. I mean, imagine not even being able to simply send a node down the timestream like this?