In the culture of the Twenty-First Century United States of America, a "burn" is an especially biting an effective insult. The dispensation of such a crack is traditionally followed by an associate of the deliverer declaring, "ooooh, burn!!" Alternately, such associate may disingenuously offer the recipient of the burn some form of salve or oinment or ice "for that burn."

The recipient of the burn may respond in any of a number of ways. One is to brush it off like a minor annoyance, a mosquito to be swatted away and forgotten. Or, one may politely acknowledge the receipt of the burn by nodding slightly, grimacing, and muttering, "yeah, you got me there." But if in the company of good friends (including within that circle the burner and his associate), it is best to go along full-heartedly, replying, "Ho-HO, solid, bro, I am feelin' the burn!! Is it hot in here or did I just get burned? Yep, I think I got burned. Good burn, bro. Gooood buuuurn."