I must just say that I am rather pleased that the rumours about professors marking really really easy for 4th year Engineering Courses are true.

At least, in the Mechanical Engineering department at the University of Calgary.

I must say, I was worried about failing my Feedback Controls course. It was hard. The fact that our prof for the subject the year before sucked, and we really went over little of the material that our prof this year expected us to know, didn't help all that much. The fact that the textbook was mostly useless didn't help. The fact that the prof was boring and the class was early and I tended to fall asleep, when I went, didn't help.

I think I had something like a 60% going into the final, which was worth 40%, and quite frankly I didn't know all that much going into it. I had been hoping to do fairly well in part marks. You know, not getting the question quite right, but getting enough of the steps correct that you get some marks.

So of course, unlike previous years, the final is all multiple choice. And not that good kind of multiple choice where you can narrow down your options. Most of it was straight numerical, so if your answer didn't match a choice exactly, it was a blind guess.

Needless to say, I was a bit worried when I came out of that test. I would say that I was only confident of being right on about 15 of the 40 answers. Failing this course would really suck. Would mean delaying graduation for 8 months, for one freakin’ class. Any other of the classes I'm taking this semester, I can make up next semester, but unfortunately not this one.

So fast forward to me finding my grades out the other day.

On the final, I got 24 out of 40, which brought my final grade up to a 65%. Normally, I'd expect that to be around a C-, maybe a C if you're lucky.

Instead, after being curved all to hell, it somehow got changed into a B.

So, amongst other things, this means that I haven't completely fucked over my chances of getting into grad school, like I had assumed had happened. Fuckin' A

As for what else is going on in my life, I got me an XBOX for Xmas. Well, technically I got it on Boxing Day. Man were the stores busy that day. At one of the Best Buys in Edmonton the lineup for the register was at least an hour and a half long. But anyways, I've been playing a whole *lot* of Grand Theft Auto and Splinter Cell lately. This will happen when you have new toys and essentially nothing to do for the next two weeks. Not to mention that the pretty young blonde that I'm currently attempting to woo is in the Dominican Republic for till next week.

Still, looking forward to getting back to class, because let's face it, you can only play so many video games.