Platonic making out can work without one or the other person ending up being emotionally attatched (in a more-than-friend sense). The one time I've had this work out was with someone I was interested in about a year before the event. However, via a mutual friend, it had been made very clear that things were not to be. I was mostly over her, but best I can figure this out, we were both simply curious, but aware that things weren't going to happen. But, in a random drunken moment we snogged (after something resembling a chat-up line from me that wasn't even intended as one).

Net result of all this (well, best I can tell atm, this only happened last night), is that things are now purged from both of our systems. I ended up snogging one of my housemates as well. Very weird night. Certainly my best birthday ever. Given those two snogs represent 20% of everyone I've ever kissed ever (by my current age of 21), this was an exceptionally weird night.

How does someone who'd only kissed 8 people at the time of writing write a node like "Connections in a group from kisses", is what I'd like to know.... life is weird