I just bought an 8-ounce pack of those, after having a 3-ounce pack over the last 3 days.

arrowfall: The trick is to nibble them. Eat one at a time, and only every few minutes. Do not gobble them like popcorn - you'll regret it in an hour or so, no matter how much tolerance you have built up for caffeine. Trust me on that one. I usually drink 2 16-ounce cups of black coffee per day, and it took about a dozen beans for me to feel it. I can't imagine what a full pack - never mind bowl - would be like.

The advantage of these little monsters is that, since they're solid and must be somewhat digested, they don't bring the shock, or the nausea and/or outright sickness, that can result from drinking straight espresso or taking caffeine pills with minimal water. They also taste better than at least Starbucks' espresso - I don't have access to anything else.

The corresponding downside, of course, is that, when, say, rushing to class or needing to wake up quickly for some other reason, they just don't cut it.