But all at once it dawned on me that this
Was the real point, the contrapuntal theme;
Just this: not text, but texture; not the dream
But a topsy-turvical coincidence,
Not flimsy nonsense, but a web of sense.
Yes! It sufficed that I in life could find
Some kind of link-and-bobolink, some kind
Of correlated pattern in the game,
Plexed artistry, and something of the same
Pleasure in it as they who played it found.

John Francis Shade, Pale Fire, lines 806-815 (Canto III), ed. C. X. Kinbote

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    Crumbs left by TheNodeFairy
    This is a short list of persons/places/things/ideas that I have noticed are in need of a good writeup. If you take one of these on, drop me a /msg and let me know. If you're looking for something to node, maybe one of these is for you. (I might even get around to a couple of these myself, but they are very low on my list.)
    This month, we're starting with a recap of a few from previous months:
  • the contemporary beverage and eponymous luche libre wrestler Orange Crush
  • the short-lived softdrink with floaty-bits, Orbitz
  • a review of journalist Richard Rhodes' book Dark Sun, on the development of the H-bomb
  • convince us that Blue Star Ointment is a wonder-drug and give us some history besides
  • the guitarist Mick Rippon, but only if he is important, or interesting
  • NODED a treatment of the New Jersey Trilogy of five films by Kevin Smith NODED by BrooksMarlin!
  • NODED ClockworkGrue has given us a fine discussion of the quantitization of characteristics in role-playing games!
    That's quite enough, thanks
    Between you, me, the anal-retentive English teacher who has taken up residence on alternate thursdays in my forebrain, the highschool drop-out HTML-hack who has listened to too much TMBG, and our consultant from the Acronym Institute
  • added pipelinks to We Want a Rock
  • hardlinked a couple of phrases in Love Will Tear Us Apart
  • fixed a Windows apostrophe in our revered sensei's Chau Yep Ahn: Tea Eggs,
    also made a personal note to make tea eggs again soon
  • fixed typos in Webby's calomel
  • fixed typos and hardlinks in charms by NotMe
  • fixed a stray apostrophe and some hardlinked plurals in English seaside by mgriffithsuk
  • typos in hardlinks in acromegaly
  • typos in Wintersweet's review of the Japan Center restaurant Sapporo-Ya
  • typos in our sensei's shaved daikon and cucumber salad, a beautiful recipe

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