We are the Mooninites and our culture has advanced beyond all you can possibly comprehend with 100% of your brain.

We have advanced beyond rules, and manners.

We must spread our advanced ways.

    Klaproth has visited the following writeups, and reduced them to the nodegel from whence they came
  • minimalism by cCM depth escapes me
  • espresso by Magenta, Error404, twoswimy superseded, listing, redundant
  • Mayberry's, If you feel you have enough time to reflect on life, raise your hand, NGO, and William Morgan by KingGancho superseded or worthless
  • beating the bishop by damned redundant and unimaginative
  • The transistion of Alan Lightman and Intelligent multiprocessing by DarkSarkas at the noder's request
  • Has anyone seen my wings?, The battle of Liverhertz sonnet, A silent song, all by RACECAR at the noder's request
  • Pfhor by nieken superseded
  • Amadeus by Ereneta clean-up from that curious turn-A problem
  • Hearthstone and Manse by carraway at the noder's request
  • .45-70 Government by Gutshot4570 superseded
  • Lindström factor, Christian Satanist, Kossu, and Mämmi by vuo at the noder's request
  • How do we know that the Pope isn't an Everything user? by JohnnyGoodyear contributed nothing to the most venerable question of 'net identity
  • kalimocho by eru covered by a previous WU, kept as a firmlink (transliteration issue)
  • Strong Bad's "How to Draw a Dragon!" by ninja-sandwhich burninated
  • System and Planet Out by oakling at the noder's request
  • Songs about imaginary performers by poprhythm nothing more than a list, when so much more might be said
  • Playmates by brentrjones a one-line definition that is adequately covered under the first softlink
  • Chicken Run and Morg by Tato at the noder's request
  • The Barber of Seville by ramblebabble confused and confusing
  • birthday confusion by TrbleClef and simonc ancient nodes, time to clear them out


Everything tastes of licorice.

Especially all the things you’ve waited so long for, like absinthe.